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    The smart way to monitor for UTIs

    Pixie Smart Pads detect early signs of a Urinary Tract Infection so you can intervene before symptoms appear.

  • UTIs are a major issue


    US older adults given UTI as first-listed diagnosis in emergency departments

    $7.7 b

    national cost of hospitalizations of elderly

    with UTI as primary diagnosis

    4 days and $26,200

    length and cost of average hospitalization of an older adult with UTI as principal diagnosis

    Most Frequent Infection

    first-listed CCS diagnosis category for elderly 65-84 in ED

    US Hospital Cost Utilization Project data

    from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2014

  • "Using Pixie on a regular basis has enabled us to detect the UTI at the beginning stage and treat it at home with no need for a hospital stay.  I highly recommend Pixie. It is truly a life saving product."


    Gee, New York | At-Home User  

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