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  • How to Watch Out for Mom's UTIs

    Taking care of mom and dad is hard enough. Pixie Pads allow you to monitor for UTIs from the comfort of home, so you can keep your parents out of the hospital.​

  • How It Works


    Mom wears Pixie incontinence pads twice per week.


    At normal changing time, Pixie Pads are scanned with a free app.

    Receive Results

    Our nurse will contact you if there's a sign of infection.

  • About Pixie

    We know how hard it is to care for someone who suffers from UTIs. That's why we created the first "smart" incontinence pad, which detects the onset of an infection. We hope to keep people healthy and out of the hospital, and to reduce caregiver burden.

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    Make Caregiving Easier

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