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Bringing Joy with Connected Care

Over 800,000 seniors are hospitalized each year for sepsis - or bacteria blood infection, incurring a shocking national cost of over $50 billion. Unlike many, my grandmother came back home. But, like 40% of the seniors that had no mental or physical limitations before sepsis, she can no longer walk unassisted. Families like mine typically take on the additional care in silence, losing out on the shared experiences and the joyous celebrations.

Due to communication challenges, identifying the signs of infection is difficult in many elderly patients, as well as in patients who suffer from effects of stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, or spinal cord injuries. Without an effective monitoring tool, clinicians often receive symptoms too late - when they feel there is no time for a confirmatory laboratory test or when a hospitalization is needed. Worse yet, infection can result in delirium and dehydration, which can further confound symptoms.

Pixie Smart Pads aim to digitally connect caregivers and clinicians - to help them monitor for changes in bacterial activity in urine, which is the cause of up to 40% of sepsis cases in the elderly. With early signs of infection, the physician has time to evaluate the clinical symptoms and decide whether to order a confirmatory lab test.

Our mission is to bring caregivers and clinicians together to reduce preventable hospitalizations and keep families celebrating together! We call it...Connected Care.


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