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Aging2.0 Optimize 2018 Recap

What we learned about the latest in aging tech

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Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Aging2.0 Optimize conference in San Francisco, which brings together innovators from around world who are addressing the needs of older adults. We braved the smokey air to learn about the latest and greatest in aging tech. What a fun and inspirational event!

We were particularly interested in other companies focusing on empowering individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Here are some of most promising young companies in the space:




AlzYouNeed is filling a major void in the dementia caregiving space by recommending technology products based on an individual’s circumstances. Simply fill out a questionnaire on the site and they'll generate a list of high-tech recommendations. Need a way to communicate with your loved one who lives far away? AlzYouNeed may tell you to use SociAvi, a hands-free communication platform, which enables users to answer calls without pressing any button.


Founder Leda Rosenthal launched the company after looking for solutions for her own mother who has Alzheimer's, and sifting through pages of outdated information online. Pixie is proud to partner with AlzYouNeed.



Everyone has a past, but too often the rich stories of one's life don't accompany them to an assisted living community, especially if the individual has cognitive impairment. Enter MemoryWell. Created by journalists, MemoryWell documents people's life stories so that their care providers have a window into their personal history and so they have a written legacy to leave behind.


Founder Jay Newton-Small founded MemoryWell after her father spent time in an assisted living community. She documented his colorful life story so that caregivers would understand him better and would be able to reference relatives and memories. Jay, a journalist, recognized the power of this story in her father’s care journey and wanted to provide this tool for others.


FallCall is taking Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to a new level with its made-for-Apple Watch personal emergency assistant, FallCall Lite. Say goodbye to the old school, geriatric PERS necklaces, and stay relevant with this high-tech take on safety.

If a user needs help, he or she can call a family member or 911 with the watch. An upcoming feature will detect falls. The husband and wife co-founders, Drs. Shea and Kristin Gregg, started FallCall after seeing too many older adults enter the hospital due to falls.



It was great to run into fellow New York City startup, AloeCare, which aims to streamline at-home care through its platform. AloeCare, according to its website, helps families “organize, monitor, and track all aspects of care.” It’s one of a few players in the aging-in-place care management space, and one that seems promising, especially with its team of tech veterans.


There’s been a great deal of buzz about Elli-Q, a sleek social robot that aims to keep older adults living at home engaged and connected to loved ones. As a companion, Elli-Q provides access to content, suggests activities, and facilitates family check-ins. Developed by Israel-based Intuition Robotics, it’s set to hit the U.S. market early next year.


Rendever ensures that no one feels like they're leaving their old life behind by bringing virtual reality to communities and families. Thanks to Rendever, individuals have access to interactive digital versions of their wedding site, a family trip, or their favorite park once again. Sometimes a trip down memory lane is all that is needed to feel more at home and alive!

With a background in both neuroscience research and senior care, Rendever co-founder and CEO Kyle Rand set out to cognitively stimulate older adults and make their days more enjoyable. Looks like the virtual reality trend is going far past millennial video gaming!


Ever forget to take a pill? Imagine having to keep track of several each day. No need for constant medication mindfulness with the innovative, high-tech Pillo health companion. This cute, counter-top robot will dispense medications at appropriate times and in correct doses using facial recognition, plus you can ensure that your loved one doesn’t miss a pill with the up-to-date phone notifications.

There is still a wait list before Pillo enters the market, but we are excited to see what becomes of co-founder James Wyman and CEO Emanuele Musini’s at-home companion.

Ohmni Labs

Sometimes life or distance gets in the way and it’s hard for families to visit loved ones in their homes or assisted living communities. With Ohmni, face time with family and healthcare providers is simply a click away. This 3-D printed mobile, robotic tablet, enables users to drop in for a visit at a relative's home and move as they do around the house. Doctors and nurses can also tune in for a quick consult when the trip is too long for the patient to take. Ohmni is making it easy and efficient to check in physically or emotionally as a family member or as a wellness professional. Who knew the robots of the tech revolution could be an important tool in preventing social isolation among older adults?

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