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    Pixie is creating

    inexpensive and unobtrusive

    early detection technology

    for healthier lives.

  • Why we created Pixie Smart Pads

    Our journey began with you - clinicians and families. You recounted stories of the patients you care for, who struggle to communicate the pain associated with UTIs. You explained the impact the infections have on quality of life.


    We saw the clinical need. We wanted to interrupt the vicious cycle. We used what we know - science, software, and data - to help you.


    We have rethought everything from sensors to software to empower clinicians and families, to simplify with unobtrusive technology, to improve lives with clinically relevant information.


    This is just the beginning. Please stay tuned for new features and product announcements!

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  • Work with us

    If your passion is to improve health and wellness,

    and if you have a background in chemistry, machine learning,

    clinical research, quality management, or scientific communication

    we'd like to work with you.


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